Shandong Jinfan New Materials Co., LTD

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Shandong Jinfan New Materials Co., LTD

Shandong Jinfan New Materials Co., LTD

Who are we?

We are one of the most professional sealant manufacturers in northern China. We have rich experience in exporting sealant production. We will customize sealants that are more in line with local climate requirements according to the climate characteristics of different countries and regions. This habit has allowed us to never have any claims for quality problems since the establishment of the company. This is also what makes us different from many Chinese companies.

What we do?

We produce construction and industrial sealants. Our annual sealant sales in China are 13 million US dollars. We started exporting in 2018 and have now exported to 25 countries.

What certificates do we have?

Shandong Jinfan New Materials Co., LTD
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